Freshman Week

I love to watch the new Members. They are all so nice and happy. That is a stark difference from some of the veterans on the Hill who have bravely weathered re-election, scandal and/or legislative disappointments only to become mean and aloof.

This week, I watched new members meeting and greeting and wandering down the halls to check out soon-to-be vacated offices. Their arrival signals the wave of change and opportunity that the 111th Congress and 2009 will bring on the Hill and in DC. I'm keeping my eyes open to see which new Members get which committee assignments--as that will partly influence where I apply.

I'm thinking that my next move should be to a committee where I can actually (finally) work on legislation. But if given the opportunity, I wouldn't mind working for a freshman rank and file Member. They'd be less established and thereby, more open to new ideas and more grateful for insider, really any, help. Plus, it would be very cool to help shape the beginning of a Member's legacy and operation in Congress.

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