The Hottest Ticket in Town

I think I need to find a cave and hide for the next 75 days.

Yesterday, I got my first request for inauguration tickets, and I imagine that other folks are going to come out of the woodworks, assuming that I have a special connection to the ticket stashes.

I don't.

I'm just hoping that I can get into January's festivities—the swearing-in ceremony, parade, official inaugural balls, State of the Union address, etc.

Here's my recommendation for those interested in watching the ceremony. Call your U.S. senators and/or Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. A website for the Presidential Inaugural Committee should be up soon too. Also, this WPost article is a good primer.

As for the balls, most state societies have official balls. Numerous organizations and entities will also host unofficial celebratory parties and events. Keep your eyes open.

The good thing is that there will be a lot of festivities happening all over the city—some exclusive, some not. So no matter what, you'll be able to toast to our new president and to a new day in America.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for that info. I did contact my local representative's office and I have been put on the list.

I was told up front at the beginning of the call that the requests will outnumber the available tickets and I respected and understood that well in advance.

Given the fact that this will more than likely be the biggest inaugural event in history, I'm not geting my hopes too high in regards to obtaining tickets, but you never know.

I do wish I had the foresight months, even over a year ago to reserve tickets, but I honestly did not expect the election to have such a climatic ending. There are secondary websites selling them, but the prices are outrageous.

Just being in DC those few days will be cause for celebration and I won't be disappointed if we don't get tickets. it will be great to be part of such a profound historical event.

I am sure as you mentioned, that there will be something for everyone and the atmosphere in DC will indeed be festive.