Struck Out

Tonight, I had several people cheering for me, coaching me, pushing me along. But despite their well-wishes and advice, I struck out.

I don't have game. I'm sure my readers are tired of my constant whining about this but I don't know how I will ever find a mate if I always revert to a pre-teen girl around guys I like.

I ran out of things to say, allowed him to be drawn away by others, didn't close the deal with future plans. Mostly, I allowed myself to be discouraged by the gaggle of girls that always seemed to be near him. I guess as a new guy on the Hill, he's bound to be fresh meat. But to me he's more. He's the crush that just won't go away. I guess that means I need to get out more cause I know that DC has many other cuties for me to meet and fall for. But I just can't shake him or figure out how to snag him.

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Organica said...

I tend to go for the shy - but cute - guy in the corner who doesn't have a gaggle of girls surrounding him. The popular guys don't make the best boyfriends. Are there any guys on the Hill who aren't the center of attention but are still crush-worthy? :)