A Birthday and A Move

Moving Sucks
I successfully moved my junk into my new space over the weekend. Everything fit—though I do have a far amount of things stacked in the living room that may never find a home.

The move was pretty painless. Unlike this summer, my movers showed up when promised and it took no longer than 2 hours to complete. Nothing broke and no one was injured. Perhaps, next time I will be frugal and move myself, but there is just so much more piece of mind when you are organized and you hire professional movers. Please pray that I don’t move again for at least 2 years—enough time to save for a down payment on a house.

I like my new space. I’m still getting used to the weird shape of my room, the window A/C unit and the cat that is always sitting on the porch, staring at me, when I leave and return each day. I love cats, but he freaks me out. My roommates informed me that there are at least three cats that frequent our stoop, since we usually put out food and water.

This weekend, I hope to tackle most of my boxes. I’ve been sick most of this week with a horrible cold. No, I don’t think that it is H1N1, but it has prevented me from doing anything but blowing my nose and sleeping during the past few evenings. I blame it on the all the stress I experienced over last week due to my move and my birthday party.

28 is Great!
My birthday party was awesome. I was pleased that so many of my friends showed up, though I was missing my grad school trio. I look forward to getting friends together again for a bar crawl this summer. Good times.

My crush didn’t show. He gave me some lame excuse on Monday, but I’m so over him. My friend warned me that he is seriously enjoying his "fresh meat" status on the Hill, and I don’t blame him for wanting to take advantage of all the girls who are trying to catch him. As A-M said, he’s just not that into me and I’d said the same thing, I’m just not that into him. I don’t care enough to be one of those silly girls chasing him. I’m too old for that and I feel that he should be coming to me instead.

So now, I wait to develop a crush on someone new. I’ll keep you posted on who the lucky guy is and how successful is my game.

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