Gray Cat

I have decided to accept the alley cats that frequent my house, especially gray cat. S/He used to scare me. I'd open the door in the morning and there he'd be staring at me, waiting for food and interaction. I'd come home from work to the same thing. The whole front porch staked-out used to freak me out but now I love it. I look forward to it. I no longer mind if gray cat rubs himself against my leg in the morning, shedding his fur all over my black dress slacks. It's endearing.

I can seek why single women become cat ladies. Cats are independent spirits that can be loving without being needy.

I guess a single girl like me can and should use gray cat as inspiration. To a lesser extent, I, too, should start - freely and without shame - "roaming the block" for love and nourishment. It just might lead to a permanent connection.

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Organica said...

Lol. I wonder how far you'd get if you tried rubbing up against cute guys and purring...

I want to see your new place and meet the kitty!