Taped Glasses

I feel like such a nerd today. I stepped on my glasses last night and despite all my attempts to bend/rescrew the left arm back into place, the frame's arm just won't return to normal.

I dug up an old pair that are still stylish and functional as back up but I am determined to wear my updated pair, lest the weaker prescription lead to eye strain.

This morning, I applied some clear packing tape to the left arm. It worked, sort of. So I applied some more. Now, I have a wad of clear tape on my glasses that I can't seem to take off without totally destroying whatever connection is barely keeping the frame arm attached.

Of course, I'm thankful that I didn't break the lens or crack the frame in half, but I feel so stupid walking around with tape on my glasses. I would place it under the "not attractive to boys" category.

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