White House Tour

What an amazing treat on the eve of my birthday. Today, I had the opportunity to take a White House tour. I totally lucked out on an extra ticket and I plan to get an thank card to the person who made it possible asap.

It was surreal to see the West Wing. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see the residence but we saw the blue room, the green room, navy mess, press room, oval office, rose garden, etc. It was truly awesome. I was both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the tour. I was overwhelmed by the furniture, portraits, artifacts and the slight views I could catch of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. I was underwhelmed by the size of some of the rooms (TV cameras can be so deceiving!) and the fact that it felt like a normal office space. I know that I'm not making sense. The bottom line is that it was an amazing experience and I can only hope to visit the WH again for another tour, a VIP meeting, or, perhaps one day, for my first day on the job.

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