My first time…at the DC Auto Show

Today, I attended a symposium hosted by the German Embassy on the future of automotive technology. Afterwards, I got the chance to check out the vehicle displays at the DC Auto Show.

Given my interest in environmental issues, I kept an eye out for the hybrids and other advanced technology vehicles on display. I saw the newly introduced Ford Edge Hydrogen PHEV concept, the Chevy Volt EV concept, the Ford Airstream Hydrogen PHEV concept (It’s a Scooby-Doo van look-alike with really cool seating! See the picture above), and a range of new hybrid and FFV models. It was a great experience and fitting given some of the anticipated topics of tonight’s State of the Union Address: biofuels, fuel economy, and hybrids.

Note: EV- electric vehicle; PHEV - plugin hybrid electric vehicle; FFV - flexible fuel vehicle

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