Brady Quinn joins the Browns

This morning, I checked out the news stories about the NFL Draft to learn more about Brady Quinn's 4-hour wait as the 22nd draft pick. Here are a few of the stories and laughable titles that I came across:

Browns make Brady Quinn's NFL Draft a real nightmare
Passing on the hype
Cleveland finally puts end to Quinn's misery
Brady Quinn: 'That Brady Is a Chump'
Tumble humbled Brady
At the Top, Not as Easy as 1, 2, 3

I'm glad that Brady joined the Cleveland Browns—a team that he's wanted to play for his whole life. I look forward to actually paying attention to NFL games just to see Quinn. Particularly if he maintains his hotness and gets as much air time as he did at Notre Dame, I might even become a Browns fan. I never really cared for the Falcons or Redskins anyway.

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