Notes on a Thursday

Wow, I actually arrived at work early today. I'm so proud of myself. After Floyd's strong recommendation last night, I resolved to get out of bed after my second alarm instead of just turning it off and going back to sleep--only to wake up flustered 30 minutes later.

It was rather refreshing to arrive at the office at ease and with lots of time to spare. I think that once the weather gets warmer, I'll be even more motivated to get an early start and to enjoy a more leisurely commute.


I don't quite know what to say about what happened on the campus of Virginia Tech. Everyday, more information is revealed about both the victims and the gunman. My heart goes out to all of the students, families, friends and professors that were involved or impacted by the event.

My only comment is to stress the importance of accessible counseling resources for those affected by tragic events or just feeling troubled by Life.

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