Weekend Review

I can’t believe that April is almost over. It has definitely been a good month and I look forward to May, my birthday month.

I’m slowly getting used to my new part time job. Certain aspects of the job still don’t make sense and the male sales people that I have to interact with when perspective members visit are super odd/thuggish/vulture-like. But the women I work with at the front desk are nice and seem more mature, as would be expected I guess. In spite of working everyday, I had a really great weekend. Saturday night, I headed out to Adam’s Morgan, which I don't visit often (aside from salsa dancing with my PC-GLOG). Of course, good ‘ole unpredictable, fun yet wild A-M was there and the fact that she was on her "best" behavior (no cursing or trash talking!!) made the night extra fun.

I think that we’re gonna try to make such outings a more regular thing, which would be great. I miss going out in the city like I used to when I was in school. And heading out with my normal social partners, A-M and GFA, is always a blast. I shouldn't let the fact that I hate the commute or want to save my cash for a rainy day get in the way of enjoying my (possibly) last year in this great city.

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