The Hippo's 100th Post

Today I had an interview for a job at the new gym down the street (the one that is still not open!!).

I’ve been thinking about getting a part-time job since I finished graduate school. I feel that it would be a great way to meet other people in my neighborhood, challenge myself with a new experience, and earn extra cash to supplement my sufficient but not extraordinary non-profit income. I’m pretty sure that I nailed the interview, but who knows if my limited availability will work out. I know that working an extra 12 or more hours a week will take a lot out of my social life and relaxation time, but I think that it will be worth it—particularly, if it allows me to take two special vacation trips this year without going into debt.

The other news of the day is that I can now regularly listen to Depeche Mode, Weezer, and Billy Idol. I copied a few of their songs from Floyd’s 4,400-song music library. It is pretty amazing how much music he has already amassed on his Mac.

The last thing that I want to mention is that this is my 100th post! Yay, me! Here’s to the next 100.

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