Facebook is addictive

Okay, so I got an email from Cha-Chi asking me to be his friend on Facebook. Though I've received a few other invitations over the years, I usually ignored them.  But for some reason, I felt compelled and bored enough to log-in and accept him and a few others as friends.

Today, I was unexpectedly sucked into the world of Facebook.  I spent over an hour updating my profile and seeking out high school buddies.  And I still feel the need to enhance my profile and poke or email all my old chums. Gosh, Facebook is addictive

I joined MySpace a few years ago and rejoined it this year.  So now, I have two entries on the site…  I didn't find MySpace as addictive.  It was fun to check out my friends' profiles and check up on classmates, but I didn't feel the need to fill my profile with a thousand details about my life like with Facebook.  Weird, huh?

I've decided to go on a MySpace-Facebook diet before I become addict.  I will allow myself no more than a few hours per month (total) on both sites.  They are great way to stay connected with old friends—especially all those high school friends I only see once a year but still love and miss—but a major timesuck.

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