Halloween 2007

I went to the High Heel Races last night. It’s a wonder that I never went to the event during the six years I was in school because it is a bunch of fun.

I glad that I got to see the actual race and parade of costumes this year, not just the crazy aftermath. The crowds were really large, perhaps given the milder temperatures. I remember freezing last year with L-M as we stood on a bar patio drinking strong $4 drinks.

Of course, there were tons of larger than life costumes on display. The most memorable was the wide stance Larry Craig and the two guys wearing chaps with thongs (yeah, I didn’t need to see that).

The focus now turns to a great Halloween night in Georgetown. I’m very pleased with my costume (or old school “wardrobe,” as Floyd meanly called it—hey, it may not be super cool or creative but it’s still a costume!) and thankfully, my hair, though not as big as I’d hope for, turned out well. In fact, I won the “Biggest Change from Everyday Office Persona” at my work party today!

My partying skills will be tested tonight. This will be my third later-than-normal night out in DC and I have to attend an 8 am training session tomorrow. It will be so hard to get up tomorrow morning if I have the sort of night out I’m hoping for. But whatever, I’ll recover this weekend by not leaving my house other than to take out the trash.


Organika said...
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Hippo Q. said...

Sorry Organika, I had to delete your post when I realized it named my employer. I'm trying to keep this blog anonymous.

O said...

Aww, couldn't you have just edited it out? I can edit the comments on my blog.

Hippo Q. said...

It would be nice to edit comments for grammar (remember my post on your site?) or identifying info, but I can't. Blogger only lets me reject or publish comments as is. Sorry O!