Work Performance Review '07

Wow, work has really been kicking my butt during the past week—actually the past few months. I'm helping to orchestrate the update and reorganization of my programs' website content (over 170 web pages) and it's taking much more time than I had anticipated. Plus, I'm slowly adding more legislative tasks to my normal outreach workload, which is what I want.

I had my performance review today and I'm happy to report that I'm not getting fired anytime soon. It feels good to get back a positive review but I already feel the pressure to sustain my efforts and improve in those areas that were highlighted (similar areas as before: meeting participation, initiative, etc). It is amazing that I've been at my current employer for over 1.5 years. I can still remember my nervousness regarding my performance review last year. This year, I was more confident as I knew that I'd stepped it up a bit during the past year. But, there is definitely a lot more I can do.

I will try my best to reach for the stars before my next performance evaluation. I have a lot of work to complete in the upcoming year and a lot to prove before I tip my hat and say goodbye.

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