Jacoby Ellsbury is the man!

Yesterday, I watched the second World Series Game. I enjoyed trash-talking with GFA, a Boston native, and commenting on the players' facial hair with A-M. But the highlight of the night was definitely witnessing Boston Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury steal second base in the fourth inning, enabling all of America to get free tacos.

I just love crispy tacos and though most people abhor Taco Bells' "meat" (yes, ground animal + feces) and non-authentic menu, I would totally be in line next Tuesday, Oct. 30, between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to claim my free taco. The only problem is finding a location near work. There isn't one.

Oh, well. Thanks, just the same Ellsbury!

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Organica said...

Before my anti-beef/anti-sour cream phase kicked in, I used to love Taco Bell's taco supremes. Mmmmmmm.

Come on, Rockies! Win a few!