It's only 68 degrees but I'm so cold!

Yesterday and even today, I'm tempted to pack my belongings and head down south or out west or even abroad. I know this sentiment relates to stress/boredom/discontent and the approaching winter weather and shorter day length. But I just can't shake it.

I promised myself last year that I would never endure another DC winter, and here I am again, bracing for temperatures that will inevitably dip below 40 degrees.

I don't know if I'll be able to cheerily make it through another winter--another winter of tiptoeing around icy sidewalk patches and standing on the metro platform with the winter wind blowing right through my 100 layers. I think last year I broke my own personal record in piling at least 6 heavy blankets (including a thick wool comforter) on my bed and yet, I was still cold. My apartment is just so freakin' drafty, in spite of the blankets and sheets I've haphazardly hung on the windows.

Gosh, this has to be my last DC winter as I only have the strength for one more year!

But it will be just my luck that I'll either still be in DC next winter or worse, will be sent by the Peace Corps to some cold location.

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Organica said...

It's especially hard to deal with the chill today because the temperature went from 90 degrees on Tuesday to 68 today - too quick of a change. Our skin will get used to it after awhile. Soon 68 will seem nice and warm. ;) I'm sorry you have to endure the DC winters!