Just a Groupie

I have all the makings of a groupie.

Last night, I went to Iota to hear LTH's opening act, the Coalmen. I enjoyed the show. Their sound, though I couldn't quite place what it reminded me of, was interesting. It had an alternative-folk rock feel with a definite Nashville twang.

LTH was just okay. The band was super-huge and included an accordion and steel guitar. The weird factor of the night was definitely the masked, old couple dancing and running over people in front of the stage with their weird foxtrot or whatever it was. Who does that?

As is tradition, I was attracted to the lead singer of the band. Sure, I could have been just as easily attracted to the drummer and bass guitarist, but there was something about the lead singer's blue eyes and crooning voice that got to me. Of course, he has a significant other and I'm not the type to make anything happen. But, it's so silly how putting Average Joe on a stage, just 2 feet above me can serve to elevate him to a stratospheric hotness. It's like beer googles, but more groupie googles…

Hmmm. I don't know what it should be called. I just know that I'm quite susceptible to it. I'll still attend as many live rock shows as I can, but I'll steer clear of the groupie scene.

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