My Rubber Band Ball

Last year when I was covering the front desk, I was disturbed by the number of rubber bands that were collecting in the desk drawer. Each day the mail would come in stacks bound by two rubber bands and over time, the front desk drawer had become full of them. So, I decided to start a rubber band ball.

At first, I didn’t add new rubber bands that consistently (as I only had front desk duty once a week). But now that Organica has taken over the front desk post, she enthusiastically puts aside each day’s rubber bands just for me.

I’m proud to say that my rubber band ball has grown to include over 475 rubber bands. It weighs 19 pounds ounces and bounces really well. It’s about four inches wide which makes attaching new rubber bands rather hard and dangerous. It’s gotten a little too big for the front desk drawer it “grew up in” so I graduated it to my mailbox.

Although I wasn’t faithful in applying the rubber bands in the beginning, its size reminds me of the number of days that I’ve spent at my current job. Perhaps, it even represents the amount of professional and personal growth that I’ve experienced during the past 1.5 years that I’ve been at my organization.

Before I leave, I think that I will slowly (and very carefully!) disassemble the rubber band ball. And perhaps, start a new one wherever I work next.


Organica said...

RBB weighs 19 pounds?!?! He's like a medicine ball. You could bring him to the gym.

Hippo Q. said...

Good catch, Organica. I guess I've become a typical mother grossly exaggerating my child's accomplishment and skill.

Now this is a big rubber band ball.