Cake at DAR

Last night, I attended the Cake concert at DAR Constitution Hall. Although they didn't play "The Distance" or "Let Me Go" (my two favorite songs), it was a great show and I wiggled and sang my heart out. The highlight of their performance, besides the hits, was their rendition of Kenny Roger's "Ruby." I haven't heard that song in a long time and I didn't realize that it is about a disabled vet.

Consitution Hall is such a weird place for a concert. Sitting down in the amphitheatre before the show, I felt as if I was about to hear a boring lecture on gun law. It is not at all inducive for rocking out to a band and the nazi-security guards were major buzz kills. We kept trying to get into the aisles to dance--instead of standing between the cramped row of seats, but the guards stopped us all. It was so weird to be at a concert where people are sitting and the security folks won't let you dance in the aisles.

I saw Celia Cruz perform at DAR a few years ago. It was an amazing show, and it was surreal that we were all sitting down--deterred by the guards despite the infectious music. After a few songs, we finally got up and invaded the aisles to dance. En masse the guards can't do anything. There was a need for an aisle invasion last night. But I settled for dancing in my row.

Last night made me really appreciate such live music venues as the 9:30 Club, Black Cat, and Velvet Lounge. Those place allow people to really get into the music and dance and jump along to the rhythm. Hmm...I think it's time for another show.

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