The cosmos thought otherwise

Last night, I was supposed to see a production of the musical Hair at GWU. I thought that I had planned everything just right, but as seems to be the tradition of anything that I plan, everything sort of imploded. First was the problem of the dinner location being too crowded (a faculty holiday party took up all of Lindy's upstairs seating). We settled for tasty Mehran, which not everyone was enamored with, before getting in line at 6:20 for tickets. All except for six or so tickets are already sold, so we left the stage door without hearing so much as the first lines of the opening tune, Aquarius.

As a coworker put it, the cosmos had something else in mind for my first viewing of Hair. I've wanted to see the show since I was a child, listening to my father's Boston Pop Does Broadway. From that moment, I started researching the show, purchasing the Hair movie and soundtrack and original broadway soundtrack. I even stumbled across the screenplay at the local library. I was obsessed with the 1960s like most of the kids of my generation and Hair revealed to me a slice of that crazy time period.

So, seeing Hair in Central Park or on stage in NYC didn't happen this fall and seeing a production at my alma mater didn't happen. What gives? Perhaps, I'm supposed to see it in April of 2008, the 40th anniversary of the first Broadway show (2007 was the anniversary of the off-broadway production). And if not that, there is always the 50th anniversary. Someday, someway, I will see that show.

Where do I go
Follow my heartbeat
Where do I go
Follow my hand

Where will they lead me
And will I ever
Discover why I live and die


Organica said...

I had such a fun time last night, despite our Hairlessness. =) Don't worry, the Cosmos has big things in store for you.

Hippo Q. said...

Thanks Organica! I had a great night too.