Homeward Bound

In only a few more days, I'll be in Atlanta. I haven't been home since last Christmas and it will be nice to sleep in my old bed again. For my week in ATL, I plan on sleeping in and watching lots of cable television. I also I hope to make the usual rounds to the mall (Perimeter and Lenox) and the Varsity with my mom and to Waffle House with the handful of high school friends that I'm still in touch with. I might even head to the neighborhood gym for a few yoga sessions to help banish holiday stress and combat the excess calories I'll consume.

I do miss living in Atlanta and seeing my high school friends and family on a regular basis, but I've been in D.C. long enough that D.C. feels like home. So, even while I'm sleeping in my old bed and visiting my old haunts, I'll be thinking about D.C. and longing to be off I-85 and back on the Metro.

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