Work Holiday Party - All about Karaoke

We set a pretty high bar at this year's work holiday party. A nice amount of people showed up and we had a pretty cool live band. After the band was the central event of the night, karaoke! Our office actually spent a few hundred dollars on a karaoke machine. It's definitely a good investment, given that we will use it at all our program retreats and office events. Karaoke was a hit at last year's party and this year was no different. I enjoyed watching my coworkers take the stage and belt out their favorite songs.

Among the songs I sang, A-M and I did a duet of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Actually, I did more of a William Shatner dramatic talk because I was unable to reach most of the notes. It's so sad that I've lost my singing voice. When I was a kid I was a fairly nice soprano, but now those extended octaves have disappeared. Perhaps, I just need more karaoke practice because I know that I can hit just about any note when singing in my shower.

Tuesday's karaoke was the first time since high school that I've done karaoke. A friend and I used to go to this random Korean/Thai restaurant in Doraville, GA and request songs by Madonna and Abba. Most of the folks there would request songs popular in their native country, so we definitely were a bit out of place. But it was a load of fun. Ah, that reminds me of going salsa dancing and also to clubs in Buckhead with that same friend. I was so into the nightlife scene during my senior year of high school—something that was intensified as a freshman in D.C. and continues today. It will be a sad day when I'm too old, unhip, and busy to go out. Or maybe, I'll just be the old hag in the corner wearing a metallic tube top and skinny, dark wash jeans (assumingly that won't be "in" in 2040).

Gosh, I'm starting to ramble. Let me wrap up. The work holiday party was great (and hopefully my last at my current employer!) and I think that I'll add karaoke to my list of things to do in D.C. before I leave.

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