Live from ATL

Greetings from Atlanta. I'm enjoying the time home with my family. I had a great Christmas. I ate so much food and we played Scrabble after opening the presents. I totally lost at Scrabble, but I won on the presents. The coolest thing I got for Christmas, which I bought for myself, is a tea infuser shaped like a teapot. Finally, I'll be able to sample the loose tea I bought this summer in Paris. Otherwise, I got cash that I hope to spend on clothes--probably jeans and a pair of boots.

I have at least two goals while I'm home, to finish my peace corps essays and to finalize my writer's group submission. I haven't worked on either yet, but I have spent a crazy amount of time watching television. It amazing how much television I've watched and how many snacks I've eaten while watching tv (yay, cheese puffs!!). It's no wonder that I weighed more when I lived at home. All I did was eat and watch tv in my free time. In D.C., because I don't have cable, I spend a lot of time reading and "going places" via metro or my own two feet to fill my day.

I'm hoping to dig out my old bike today. I'd love to ride it around the neighborhood for exercise. I would love to buy a bike for D.C., but I'm too afraid to ride it around given that the D.C. drivers don't know how to drive. But maybe, I will.

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Organica said...

I got a tea infuser for myself too! I will bring in some more of the tea you gave me and we can both sip delicious mugs of hot tea during our next "apple" break.

Write write write...you can do it...get some more words on paper even if they're not perfect...