Tasty Hot Dog!

Mmm…I just had quite a tasty hot dog for lunch. A tasty hot dog from a vending machine.

My coworker and I finally ventured to Cannon to experience the hot dog that everyone has been talking about. It was quick and good.

Check out this Express article on the mechanics, location, etc of D.C.'s hot dog vending machines. It's neat that vending machine companies are now offering items besides the basics: chips, coffee, soda, and cookies. I look forward to the day when hot ramen is offered here, as in Japan. Or perhaps, grilled cheese sandwiches! It was interesting to watch my hot dog get violated cook and served on a warm bun (you have to see it to understand). I wish that relish or chili was offered as a condiment. But on a lazy Friday such as this, a $2.50 hot dog was just right. Now all I need is some chocolate cake...

And a trip to Ben's for the true experience—a half-smoke smoothed in chili. I'm already salivating.

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Organica said...

I do miss the all-beef kosher hot dogs I used to make when I worked at a baseball stadium in college. Sometimes I would eat 3 in one night! Were the vending machine hot dogs the nice big ones?