Crashing a Speed Dating Event (sorta)

Over the weekend, despite the spending freeze I enacted in order to save cash for big my campaign trip down south, I headed out to Chi-Cha Lounge with some friends.

They had just thought of the best plan for meeting singles in DC, at least that's what I thought. The plan was to head to bars hosting speed dating events and just hang around after the event ends. The idea was that there would be a greater percentage than normal of guys who would be available, interested, and open to meeting someone for the long-term. I thought it was most brilliant plan ever, so when I got the call, I put aside my budget woes and donned my favorite heels for the night out.

I had a great time. My friends and I did spot a handful of cute guys that we tracked all night. Unfortunately, that is as far as it went. I would stare check out a guy repeatedly from across the room and when he would look my way and smile, I'd bashfully turn away or look down. It was so silly. Here was the perfect opportunity to practice my game, and I was cowering. I guess it's because of Floyd and the fact that I'm just not the sort of girl who has the ability to attract quality guys in a crowded bar—or anywhere for that matter. I just get so unreasonably shy. More liquor would have helped, but the girls and I weren't looking for a crazy night, just an excuse to get out our homes for a while.

For the record, the plan didn't really work. The folks leaving Chi Cha's side room, where the Speed Dating event had occurred earlier in the night, seemed older and quite ready to leave. Maybe an event earlier in the day would have been better because those speed dating events are quite draining.

So that's it. I was tucked into my bed by midnight--after over 3 hours of attempting to work the room. I'm glad I went out but I was even happier to be at home and in bed.

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