Don't take my tree!!

Of course, I am flattered that the fine folks at the WaPost Express decided to give a shout out to my blog in Thursday's Blog Log. It was awesome to see my words in print, and I know that myblog counter received a much needed, though short-lived, boost.

But hold on, all you lovesick DCites. Be warned that I've now publicly staked a claim on that tree. I would hate to visit my favorite perch this weekend only to find it damaged by love etchings and littered with pieces of Whole Foods wrappers. There are so many other special places in D.C. to choose from. Find your own. Just stay away.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just happened upon your blog (bored at work). I hope ppl don't ruin your tree.

Anywho, I love going out and was reading a couple of your past posts. If you haven't already, I'd try Fly or Modern for some dancing. They're small spaces and people actually dance. It's kinda the perfect compromise b/w a lounge and a full blown club. The Park is great though...not too hard to get in if you have enough girls and one of them is willing to talk their way in.