Where to propose (to Hippo Q.)

I decided to take a walk along the National Mall yesterday after work. The sun was setting and the air was still quite warm. I didn’t make it all the way to the Lincoln Memorial but I did take in the view from the Washington Monument.

I haven’t been on the Mall in awhile, though it was my favorite weekend destination throughout college. I miss my picnics and poetry sessions, and the lazy days I spent watching the cute guys play soccer, rugby, or ultimate. Walking around yesterday reminded me of one of my favorite places on the Mall. That old, bent oak tree near the monument. This picture does not, cannot, do it justice--as the tree is truly beautiful and perfect for a pit stop or a picnic.

I decided yesterday that if I’m still in D.C. during the next five to ten years and during that time I find a guy that is to be my husband, I want to be proposed to on that spot. On a warm, fall day while the sun is setting so that everything seems to be alive and on fire, with amazing shades of red, orange, and yellow emanating from the sky. A day like yesterday.

They say that the wedding is for the bride and the proposal is for the groom. But I've decided that I want a say in both. Anyone who really knows me knows how much I love the Mall, picnicking and being outside. Anyone who truly loves me would give me such a picnic-proposal.

So there, I’ve put it out there, into the cosmos and onto the web. That’s what I want, and I ask my dear, sweet [insert name of future fiancé] to give that to me.


Shawn Scott said...

Well this post apparently caught the eye of someone important. I found you in the Washington Post Express this morning.

Jeremey Tripp said...

Ha, I did too. Interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

Entirely possible! I have a bench on the Tidal Basin that I fell in love while interning in DC nearly 10 years ago. That's where my now-fiance proposed to me back in February. I'd casually mentioned "my bench" here and there every time we were in the neighborhood over the years. It was a very sweet way to prove that he really *does* listen. :) Good Luck!