The Macallan Whiskey Tasting

Over the weekend, I attended a Macallan tasting event with A-M and GFA at the City Tavern Club—indeed the second oldest house in DC followed by the Old Stone House, also in G-town. It was a really great event and totally topped the Johnny Walker event I attend a few months ago.

It was a well-attended event and given the small space, it was standing room only. In comparison, the Johnny Walker event took place in the airy Mellon Auditorium where there was more than enough room for everyone to sit down comfortably. But what the Macallan event lacked in space and flair, it more than made up for in tasting opportunities. As soon as you entered the door, you were handed a drink and ushered into a larger room where servers were circulating hors d'oeuvres. Surprisingly, they didn't card anyone.

Once we found a table and settled in, the program began. I think I actually learned something at this event, which was nice. I'm not a whiskey drinker at all but I think that if given the choice among brands, I would probably opt for Macallan out of familiarity—which I guess was the point of the night.

We got to sample 5 glasses of whiskey up Macallan 18. And unlike the Johnny Walker event, they were quite generous. By the second serving, my mouth was starting to feel numb and I struggled to finish glass #2 while the staff was already handing out glass #3. Macallan isn't something to chug, so it would have been nice to have more time to enjoy the sensation of the drink. Unfortunately, aside from a tasty apple pastry at Le Pain Quotidien, I didn't eat anything before the event. I left the hall rather tipsy but very excited about the little Macallan sniffer parting gift. On to Julia's Empanadas for some grease and bread to help absorb the alcohol.

It was a very good night and I can't wait for the next tasting event.


Monica said...

does this mean I lost the bet on oldest house in DC?

Hippo Q. said...

Though I hate to admit it, I was wrong and I lost the bet. I guess I owe you a lemon drop shot--maybe I can get Mr. Moneybags, GFA, to pay for it someway... I forgot about the Old Stone House in G-Town. I was thinking about the Lockkeeper's House, which is on the National Mall but from the 1800s.