Love at the Club: Maybe it does happen

A month ago, I went to The Park with a coworker, Lacy. As I wrote in my blog, she found a "new boy toy." That new boy toy is now her boyfriend, and he is quality. What's up with that?

The old mantra is that you can't find a good man at the bar/club. My friends know the sort of "quality" I found in the bar last summer. And, all my friends have stories about the horrible guys they've met at the bar/club.

On a typical night out in Adam's Morgan, you tend to find three types of guys: single guys (A), unfaithful, attached guys (B), and faithful, attached guys (C). Guy C is aiming to get drunk and spend the night puking in the street. Guys A and B are aiming to get drunk and screw whatever relatively cute girl will have them. Given that that is what I encounter most often in Adam's Morgan (and many of the other bars I frequent in DC), it's no wonder that my expectations of finding Mr. Right in a club/bar are so low.

This is why I was worried for Lacy. Each day, she would tell me about their progress and their plans for the week. They seemed to be moving so fast. I was happy for her, but skeptical—and waiting for the big reveal.

Lacy and her man just celebrated their one month anniversary, and there is so much potential for their relationship. He is a quality guy and they have great chemistry.

So maybe I should reevaluate my viewpoint. Maybe, there are gems among all the duds at the bar/club. I guess that as a single girl, I should never automatically discount guys that I encounter in specific situations. You just never know.

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