You don't think he's cute? (Part II)

It's amazing how reluctant I've felt about posting to my blog. It's not that I don't have things to write about (I do!!), but I've been feeling sorta blah about life in general. I blame the weather and the disappearing daylight. I abhor waking up in the morning to darkness and cold. It's the worst way to start a day and puts me in a sour mood that nothing seems to get me out of. I don't know how I will get through yet another winter in DC.

At any rate, I want to provide an update after my last post. Yesterday, I talked to a friend in another office, Christina, about the cute guy in the Sergeant at Arms office and immediately she made a face. Although she admits that he is nice, she also doesn't think he's that cute—but cute for the Hill. Also, it turns out that he and another coworker have/had a thing, so he's basically off-limits. I don't feel any allegiance to my coworker, but I'd rather avoid any drama in our office because I sense that she has fangs.

Next, I told Christina about the cute guy down the hall. Immediately, she exclaimed, "he's gay!" So, he's out too. I mean I can look but sometimes I like to at least think that there is the possibility of a romance to develop.

Finally, there is this guy who works in a Leadership office, who I think is very cute and seemingly approachable. As soon as I mentioned him to Christina, she warned me of his reputation of disrespecting women in bed. More vaguely for those who aren't in the know (which included me until very recently): he likes to Superman, among other things. I still think he's cute but I plan on avoiding him altogether.

So that's it. After five months on the Hill, I feel that I can definitely say that the Hill is made up of guys who are:

a) gay
b) jerks
c) taken or off-limits for some reason

Christina insists that the Hill mainly has Type B but I always seem to encounter all three. Perhaps, things will change in '09, but I'm thinking that though DC is full of Types A, B and C, the Hill will always have a particular tendency of attracting Type B. Que lastima!

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