My First Campaign

After major annoyance at DCA, I'm now at BWI awaiting my flight down south. Despite repeated attempts at getting an official assignment from the DCCC, I showed some initiative and secured an opportunity on my own.

I am so excited about getting campaign experience. Even before I started on the Hill, countless people recommended that I join a campaign for the resume building experience and also to make important professional connections. I opted out of Obama work in VA, which might have made more sense and given me a greater chance of working within his administration. But I feel that I made the right choice, and I know I will learn something new during the upcoming week.

If I don't get a chance to post much next week, I encourage my readers to get involved in the local, state and/or national campaign efforts (DC folks: there are important GOTV needs in VA for Obama and the senate and congressional races). There is just too much at stake this year. And of course, everyone should vote.

Finally, don't forget the high heel races this Tuesday in Dupont! I'm very sad that I will miss this year's event, but duty calls.

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Monica said...

Hope everything's going well!!