The Hill is Happening Again

Things are back to normal on the Hill. It's sorta like the first day of school. Excited, new Members are getting lost, while incumbent Members are calmly walking the halls and barking orders to their staff.

It's so nice to see the new Members and their families. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to be the school-aged child of a Member of Congress. What a great lesson in government and American history he or she could get on a daily basis.

The movement on the Hill has gotten a bit closer to home as my officemate is moving up. I will miss working with her and can only hope that it will soon be my turn to move up or move on. There is a slight possibility of moving up in my office, but nothing is certain. Thankfully, a nice amount of promising positions are opening up. That number will increase throughout the spring and summer as folks move to the Administration and K Street. I can only apply and keep my fingers crossed that something will come through.

To be honest, the possibility of a fulfilling, short-term (3 years max.) stint on the Hill or with the Administration is the only thing keeping me in DC. I promised myself that I would only be in DC for 10 years. As I move toward the 9.5 year mark, I am increasingly looking beyond the Beltway for a strikingly new experience. Perhaps, it's time to go back to school or travel abroad or find a random job in one of my dream cities. I don't know. I just feel the need for a change and a fresh start. Perhaps, it is just a traveler's hangover or roommate sickness, but my trip out West reminded me of that there are so many other places to live and explore. 

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