Inauguration Night

First of all, let me comment on how much of a nightmare it was to get home yesterday after the inauguration. After I wrote my last post, I decided that it was time to hop on the Capitol South Metro and head home. I knew that it would be crowded but I did not expect a line of people trying to get into the station nearly two blocks long.

Needless to say, I headed back into the office and took a nap. Thankfully, my coworker braved the nearby Subway to get us food. We were starving! By 430 pm, I went outside again—feeling much better. The line was just a half block long, but I decided to walk towards Gallery Place to catch a train/bus. The walk was fine. It was freezing and folks were everywhere, but I’m glad that I decided to walk. I finally caught a bus at P and 14th. (Yes, my leg still hurt - standing before the inauguration, during the inauguraiton and all night at the ball.)

After a quick rest at home, I took a taxi down to 14th and K streets to walk to the convention center for the Western Ball.

The stuff that everyone says about inaugural balls is true. There are lines everywhere, there aren’t any seats (except for in the VIP section), and it is reminiscent of a high school prom. Yet, I had a good time and I’m glad I went. I got a glimpse of Marc Anthony and JLo, as well as the Obamas and Bidens. I think I saw Raven Simone, but I most definitely stood next to Sir Richard Branson on my way out of the hall.

For the record, I will not go to an inaugural ball again unless I have VIP seating and a chauffeured car. I doubt if that will ever happen, so it was my first and last inaugural ball.

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