Sunday Morning

It is so unfortunate to be up so early on a Sunday. This morning is the Inauguration Ceremony dress rehearsal. I had slight problems getting to the Capitol this morning owing to the fact that I got on the wrong bus. Thankfully, after walking around NE for a bit, I was able to find a cab to get me here on time. That sort of thing cannot happen on Inauguration Day.

I still am not totally sure about what transit method I will use to get to the Capitol next Tuesday. I am supposed to arrive sometime before 7. I don't know if I should trust Metro, even though rush hour trains will run starting from 4. I've already asked my boss for permission to sleep in the office Monday night. That just may be my best option to ensure that I am well-rested and have an easy commute to the festivities.

Floyd will be in town--he and another friend are getting my two ceremony tickets (lucky bastards, right?). I look forward to seeing him again and celebrating this historic occasion with him.

Okay, back to waiting for group's starting time. Here's to the next two busy but totally awesome weeks!

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