So Amazing

Wow. It was such an awesome treat to witness Barack Obama be sworn in as the next president of the United States. I got a great view of the ceremony from the West Front of the Capitol. Though I didn't spot all the celebrities, I did see DVF and Andre Leon Tally hanging out in the front row of our section.

My morning began a little before 4 AM. My escort assignment was over pretty early, so I got to stake out seats before the ceremony began. The toe, body and hand warmers I purchased for the event didn't perform as expected, so despite all my layers, I was quite freezing by the time the principals arrived.

It was such an amazing sight to see so many people on the Mall, chanting Obama's name and cheering at the excitement of the day. I'll never forget the booing of Bush and the "na, na, na, na....hey, hey, hey goodbye" singing from the crowd.

I know that I will never forget this day and will have this story to share with my grandkids.

Now that I'm back in the office and thawed, I hope to head home. I want to take a hot shower and take a nap so that I'm ready for tonight's inaugural ball. I'll be sure to post some pictures later.

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Organica said...

Thanks for writing so many posts lately! I need to get on the ball with my own blog. ;)

Have an amazing time at the ball tonight!