So Tired

Wow, it is so crazy at work. I thought it was just me but everyone else is also swamped and feeling the pressure to get things done. Thankfully or unfortunately, we got a new batch of interns. I hope there is at least one smart, hard-worker among them.

Yesterday, A-M and I ran into my old boss. It was so weird to see her, and I miss her and many of my other coworkers. Yet, I haven't gotten to the point of looking back longingly at my old job. It was definitely time to move on.

And I'm at that point now with my current job. I've mastered my tasks and feel at ease. As Floyd reminds me, I need to send out resumes to at least a dozen offices everyday. I've been lazy and relunctant to apply. Partly, because I don't want to forgo any awesome upcoming office events and tasks that I know are in the works. And, I still have lingering hopes that the newly opened LC position might be filled by me. That way, when the LA leaves--she's been plotting her exit since before the election, I can easily step into the LA spot after only having a few months as a LC. At least that is the plan. I'll keep you posted as to the reality.

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