Business Cards

After 11-months on the Hill, I finally have business cards. When I
first arrived, I didn't care if I had cards. I was only a staff
assistant and I didn't plan on staying. But as it became more and
more apparent that I would be sticking around, I started to want
business cards. My supervisor told me that cards should have been
ordered for me, but never really told me how to go about securing
them. I decided to let it go, betting that I would be out of the
office by the time my cards were delivered anyway. So for the past 11
months, I've been sheepishly telling folks that I don't have a card. I
guess it hasn't really affecting my ability to network, but it is
something essential when it counts.

So now I have a set of about 200 cards. I look forward to finally
exchanging, not just receiving, cards at the receptions. It would have
been awesome to have had a card from my first Hill job, but I'm
thinking that my signed farewell shot more than suffices as a memento.

I will mail a small stack of my business cards to my mother. She's
always asking for my cards as she likes giving them out to her
friends. I also plan on giving her my inauguration ceremony and ball
tickets, programs, and ID badge. I think she'll be even more excited
to see that. I think my small collection of memorabilia would look
nice framed, along with a signed pic of the President.


businesscards said...

Good thing you finally got your business cards! Now you can hand them out proudly :]

Print Matt said...

Congratulations on your first business card. As a marketer such as myself, I really requested a business card on day 1 because it is really important to exchange business cards with your clients.