Spring is Here!

I heard songbirds again this morning. I'm glad that today marks the beginning of spring. I'm not so naïve about DC's crazy weather to think that today marks the end of extremes--snow storms one week and 70 degree weather the next. But I am encouraged that soon enough summer will return with the heat and humidity only a southerner could appreciated and even love.

This weekend, my potential roommate is moving to DC. It remains to be seen if we really are compatible but I am hopeful that we can find a perfect place to share. After visiting and calling countless places and only getting the run-around and lots of pressure to reserve the apartment now(!), I am convinced that given our budgets and desire for location and space, renting a house may be our best option. This has opened my eyes to living on the Hill, though Columbia Heights remains my first choice.

We'll see what happens but I am glad that I am one step closer to finding a place to call home.

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