Something Old, Something New

Eek.  If only my work life would calm down, I could post more regularly. I apologize to my loyal readers, but my free time is limited these days. I'm hopeful that the upcoming 2-week recess will give me time to create a bunch of great posts. But I'm not making any promises.
Over the weekend, G.F.A., A-M and I went to one of my favorite DC restaurants, Busboys and Poets.  No, not the U Street location that is mere blocks from my animal house. We ventured to the spanking-new location north of Chinatown.  The food was perfection as always—one day I'll venture to order something other than the immaculate veggie lasagna.  But something was missing. The vibe seemed cold and less urban than the hip and always-bumping U Street location. Perhaps, it's just that "NoMa" (WaPost coined?) hasn't finished gentrifying so there are still many abandoned buildings and lots next to towering, unfinished/uninhabited condos.  Of course, I didn't let that interfere with my meal, but I don't think that I will return to that location any time soon.
Afterwards, we headed to Rocket Bar. I love Rocket Bar. From the moment I entered the bar, I was greeted by all the late 80s and 90s songs that I grew up with. It was crowded but we managed to score a table in the back between two pool tables. As an added bonus, I spotted several cute guys in the crowd that night---definitely a place I will return to with my single gal friends.
Chinatown is rarely an area where I choose to hang-out. It is always swarming with annoying high schoolers, Verizon Center junkies and movie-goers.  But the young, chill vibe at Rocket Bar makes me at least reconsider it as a weekend destination.
Speaking of Chinatown and NoMa, I have decided that I want to have a pizza party at Ledo's for my birthday. I love, love, love Ledo's, and I am so excited that a downtown location is in the works.  If only, they would build a Sparkles skating rink right next door. Then I could really go old-school.

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