Metro has new seats

This morning on the green line, I noticed the latest Metro upgrade. I must stay that I hate the previous Metro upgrade--the new metal and cloth handles--new handles that Metro proudly advertises with signs in almost every Metro car. I have yet to see someone actually use the metal ones and the dangling cloth ones always hit me in the head on the way out of the metro car.

A friend told me that metro spends a good portion of its revenue on refurbishing seats and cleaning the carpeted floors. Apparently, they decided to get rid of the carpet and instead, invest in velour (?) covered seats that are also seen on some of the newer Metro buses. It makes sense to not have carpet. I've seen my share of puking drunks on the metro to recognize metro's rationale for replacing the carpet with easy-to-clean vinyl. But cloth seats? I think the plastic-leather seats are a better choice. Sure, annoying high school kids can't write on them, but the vinyl seats are better at repelling dirt or at least alerting riders of their relatively cleanliness. And that matters to me, especially when I am wearing my best suit or dress to work.

My vote is for no new handles, no new cloth seats, but yes to the vinyl floors. Spend money instead, Metro, on maintenance to avoid breakdowns, derailing and delays.

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