A Lingering Crush

Last fall, on the campaign trail I met a guy who worked in a district office. I found myself instantly attracted to him and to this day I can't seem to shake him.

I've never been the sort to act on crushes. I just like the stage of flirtation and flutters without the worries of rejection and unease. I'm a habitual crusher, and I tend to have a new male crush every few months. Some guys continue to be on my mind months after our last interaction, and that is the case with this particular guy.

The best part is that he has moved to DC. I saw him a few weeks ago and he invited me to visit his office. Though I want to, I haven't visited him yet. I feel that would cross the line because I know that I would be going there for the sole purpose of flirting and doing everything in my power to get him to ask me out. And that's the problem. My heart still belongs to Floyd. Also, I hesistate to pursue a guy on the Hill. It is too much like high school--peolple gossip and folks tend to get around a lot.

So for now, I'm going to be immature and just relish our chance meetings. Once I know more about him and more about my own heart, I will find the courage to go after him and every other crush).

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