Elementary School Lunch Nite

Over the weekend, A-M, GFA, and I had a dinner party focused on eating some of the foods we loved in elementary school. It was an idea born at least a year ago that finally was realized.

There are many things that come to mind when thinking about elementary school. For me, I remember mostly recess, field day, nap time, chorus, my first long term crush, and of course, lunch time.

I ate lunch at school everyday until 7th grade--when eating cafeteria food became uncool, expensive, and not so appetizing. I remember paying $0.90 in the early years and $1.15 later on. My allowance (aside from cash for grades) came from the small amount of change I got each week. It wasn't much, but I always felt lucky to add a dime or nickel to my piggy bank.

Saturday, our menu included two main courses. We started with an appetizer of fish sticks and tater tots. Next up was mini corn dogs and a salad--to balance it all off. Yes, it was a night of grease and breading. And we definitely opted for wine over cartons of whole milk. But it was memorable.

Next time, we're going to try for a dessert night. Nothing but flour, butter, and sugar allowed. Things are really crazy for us at work and nothing beats down time with friends and an abundance of not so healthy food.

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