Roommate Revenge

Last night, it seemed that I was living in a dorm. My roommate had a birthday party that started calm enough but became much more prolonged and loud as the night wore on.

I was in no mood to party given that I didn't leave the office until 730 and had to report again at 8 this morning. Of course, I was late this morning because I was unable to get to sleep until the party ended at midnight.

I went down twice to ask my roommates to turn the music down or at least move the festivities to the back room which isn't directly above my bedroom. But they disregarded my requests. I resisted going down again only because I knew that the third time would get ugly. They were getting drunk and I was fuming. I don't care to create a hostile living environment until I am certain that I have a new place to live.

While I waited for the party to die, I sent out a few emails for roommates and plotted on different ways to get revenge. Besides disregarding the 30 day notice, which I could given that I don't have an effective lease, I only have a few ideas. I've already decided that I'm not doing anymore house chores, but I could also report the house's free cable, have my own rager and specifically not invite them(cause I wouldn't want them there anyway), and start early the process of selling my surplus furniture that is currently in the shared rooms. I could definitely use the extra cash to buy boxes and moving supplies. But all that just seems petty. Well, I am the petty type...

Any other ideas?

Last night was the very last straw. I take my career way too seriously to have anything but quiet time during the week. There is just too much reading and preparing that I have to cram into the 3 hours I have each night between the time I get home and the time I'm ready for bed. When I first moved in, the house was much more sedate, but the new roommates have changed the house's lifestyle. Now, my roommates are too young, foolish and immature to mesh with the home atmosphere I want and the lifestyle I now live.


HoneyBunches said...

What's the best way to go about finding a decent roommate in DC? I'm currently searching and I'm not sure what I'm doing.

Organica said...

I wouldn't recommend reporting the cable or hold a revenge party...but you might as well start selling any furniture you don't want so you get the maximum monetary benefit and your house gets the least benefit.

Hang in there! I wish I could be your roommate. :)