Airport Musings

After a few days in Atlanta, I am ready to return to my reality. It was a nice trip home. Although I didn't get to see my grandmother, I did see my niece (so tiny and squishy!) and I spent some quality time with my mom. I always get restless at home. The suburbs are so quiet and calm and I don't have easy, walkable access to stores for browsing or parks for people watching. I honestly can't see myself living in ATL for a long while. I like the energy of DC too much. But the real deal breaker is that I refuse to be reliant on a car to get to work, run errands or visit friends and family. ATL is definitely a car dominated city, and that's uncool.

I won't miss the pollen that has made my eyes burn, my nose run and my skin itchy. But I will miss having a backyard. I planted marigold seeds and impatients for my mother, and it was really nice to get my hands dirty in GA red clay.

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