Another Move

What an intense week. Work was out of control and I've been stressing out about my housing situation. I decided to go for a smaller shared house in Columbia Heights after much pressure (from myself) to get a new place. I'll be sharing a 3BR/2BA house with two girls. They seem very nice and most importantly, seem to be at a similar place in their lives as me. That means no reliving college and the ability to clean-up after themselves. I hope that I haven't made a rash decision but I have been itching to move out of where I live for months.

So the race is on to pack my stuff and organize movers. I hate to pay $300 to move basic furniture .5 miles down the street but I don't want the hassle of driving a U-haul truck. This is the one occasion (besides VDay) when I wish I had a boyfriend or at least a few, buff male friends who owe me favors. Thankfully, a few gal pals agreed to help, and I'm thinking that we'll manage. Of course, this is all scheduled during a crazy-busy legislative period, but I think that if I devote a few hours every day during the next two weekends to packing, I should be all ready for the moving men on May 10.

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