Missed Connection

Two blog entries in one day are a big no-no for Hippo Q., but...

OMG. I sat next to the dreamiest guy on the plane. He started talking to me as soon as I sat down. At first, I was antisocial, favoring to do some reading for work (will I ever catch-up?!). But when I was done, we started chatting again. Mainly about work and DC.

He's a military officer/lawyer and in town for only a few days, which means that he would be good for a short fling. A ONS isn't my style, but I would give anything to makeout with him. He was just so tall, tan, and strong with perfectly kissable lips.

No, I didn't ask for his number. Not when we were getting off the plane or when I said goodbye to him again near baggage claim. I am such an inexperienced flirt, relegated to relieving such exchanges over the blogosphere.

Any normal woman would have closed the deal. But I feared rejection and didn't know how to say, "hey sweetcakes, I'll give you a tour of the city you will never forget" without sounding cheesy.

So unfair. Why can't I get over my wallflower, traditional approach to guys? I fear that my lack of game will result in me becoming a crazy catlady that no one visits.

So here is my game plan. I'm going to try my luck with an ad on Craiglist and in the City Paper. Then, I'm going to burn in my memory this experience so that when the next Mr. Right(now) is presented to me, I won't fuck it all up.


Organica said...

Next time just hand him a business card and say something generic like "Let me know if you need any tips for fun places to go in the city."

Be brave, Hippo! Assume that all guys are attracted to you. You are beautiful & interesting, so if you get rejected it's not personal. Maybe we should go out and hit on the hottest possible guys we see, with the intention of getting rejected. With a little practice, it won't be a scary concept.

Also, I dare you to keep your eye out for a hot guy on the Metro, and hand him a business card with the message "I think you're cute - email me" written on the back. You can hand it to him right as you step out into the crowd, so there's no time to get rejected. Then see what happens! ;)

Hippo Q. said...

I totally thought about giving him my business card, but not until I was already on the metro. Next time I will be prepared.

Btw, I look forward to hitting on hot guys with you this summer.