Almost every young Hill staffer has the fear of being overheard divulging office secrets in the elevator or of being caught in the middle of a Member photo-op. For that reason, I always try to avoid Members, VIPs, and camera crews like the plague, and I am always tight-lipped around folks.

Last week, cameras were swarming the halls and I was unlucky enough to be caught in a published picture next to a few Members. It is a bad picture and I look obviously uncomfortable. I can clearly remember trying to scurry away from the scene, but was blocked by a gaggle of chatting Members. The look on my face is obviously that of distress--last week was nothing but stressful.

For the record, I officially hate my profile now.


Organica said...

What would be so bad about being caught in a Member photo - assuming you looked good in the photo?

Don't hate your profile - you are beautiful from all angles! I've hated my profile since i was a kid, but I'm deciding it's not worth it. I need to embrace it. This is what I look like.

Hippo Q. said...

Good point, Organica! It isn't worth it. I'm glad that you have decided to embrace your profile.