A Mentor

Today, I had a brief meeting with my new mentor, a senior staffer in my field. He is supposed to show me the ropes and help me feel a little less overwhelmed with the new trajectory that I seem to be taking on the Hill. My new job has opened my eyes to a whole world of possibility on the Hill and I haven’t quite figured out how/if it fits into my career and life plans.

I’ve been itching for a mentor since I first arrived on the Hill. I have had pseudo-mentors, established Hill contacts that have given me insight on how to get and keep a job on the Hill. But I've never had a mentor who could give advice specific to my job and tasks. I’m hopeful that my mentor will help me feel a bit more confident about my capability to excel in this field.

I will continue to seek other mentors on the Hill, specifically a minority female mentor. I am meeting many young female, minority staffers and we are all thirsty for a role model. Some one to support us as we seek to break the ranks in a White male-dominated Hill (unfortunately, that is still the case for both Members and staff). A role model who can relate to our concerns about pursuing a demanding career while also seeking to settle down and start a family. That’s the sort of role model I am looking for and I hope, eventually, I will find.

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