Chick-lit distracts and inspires

I've been reading a lot of chick-lit lately. It's a great distraction from the stress of work and the reality of Floyd.

One of the most memorable passages from a book I finished reading last week spoke to my current romantic reality. I'm sure that it will mean nothing to one who doesn't know the context of it but whatever. It is taken from the Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes-Rodriquez. It is a book recommended by a friend that I truly enjoyed.

The narrator is talking about her ex-fiance, Ed, who she found in bed with another woman. My situation isn't as extreme but the sentiment is shared.

"I mean, why cry if you're ridding yourself of a drunk, ugly Texican like Ed before you've actually gotten hitched to him? For the same reason Cuban exiles talk about Cuba all the time. The Cuba they left doesn't exist anymore. You cry because you mourn the dream, not the real place or person. The loss of the person you thought he was, not the one he is. There is no Santa Claus. There is no Ed in my future, teaching our son to put the hose away."

This book has reminded me that I need to write again. As the end of Mr. Rebound two summers ago inspired my first attempt at creative writing, the demise of me and Floyd is bringing on a need to express myself through words. Apparently, writing is my choice creative outlet.

And I can tell you I need an outlet right now. I'd rather it be at the gym or writing than chasing a "Jim" (Beam or a Mr. Right Now). Which reminds me that I need to join a gym soon. I need to work on my mind, body and soul and leave romantic love for some other time.


Organica said...

"You cry because you mourn the dream" - this is a good way of putting it. Why is it that we get so attached to dreams of the past and romantic ideas of the future, rather than the here and now?

I definitely think you should start writing again! Sadness, heartbreak, frustration, and other intense emotions bring out our creativity and desire to express ourselves. There's a reason someone coined the term "tortured artist." Happy, fulfilled people just don't have the same creative drive. Maybe we can do NaNoWriMo together in November.

Will you lend me a good chick-lit novel? The raunchier the better. ;)

O said...

P.S. Thanks for letting me talk through some of my own man-related problems on Saturday. You're the best.

Hippo Q. said...

Anytime, Organica! I always enjoy talking about life and relationships with you.

Anonymous said...

If you're going through some "man-related" problems in DC you might enjoy "A Late Starter"! These little rough patches in life are good material for books and blogs.... and only serve to make us better people!